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4 benefits of tiled roofing Tiled roofs are durable and beautiful. They are usually more expensive than other roofing options, but when you take into account the fact that roof tiles can last for 100 years, the investment is certainly worthwhile. Below, we take a look at four benefits of tiled roofs for your home. There’s plenty of choice Traditional roofing tiles were made from fired clay or slate, but nowadays they are commonly made from concrete. They also come in flat, curved, interlocking and fluted varieties.The tiles are produced in a number of styles and colours to suit your home,some even resemble traditional wood shakes or shingles. They’re long lasting As we pointed out earlier, tiled roofs can last for 100 years, and if they’re installed in the right climate, there’s no reason why they couldn’t last for longer than this. Once you install a tile roof, you very rarely have to install another one again. Concrete and clay tiles are great for withstanding high winds and hail, so they’re perfect for the UK’s varying climate. Low maintenance Carrying on from the points above, the excellent durability of roof tiles mean they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Leaks are generally unheard of, and it’s rare for any need to repair your roof unless it has sustained a heavy impact. Unlike wood, roof tiles will never decay and are resistant to insect damage and rot. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient  Tiles are made from earth minerals rather than chemicals, which means they can be ground up and reused when they are removed. They also have a heavy thermal mass, so they can easily regulate the temperature of your home. For more information about tiled roofing, or even our flat roofing options, contact us at Permatile Roofing today.