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                                          PERMATILE  ROOFING  FAQ’S 


What is PermaTile Roofing?

PermaTile Roofing is a metal roofing product, which resembles the look of Mediterranean clay tile.   It weighs 1/10th the weight of the traditional concrete tile.  The roofing panels are made from 26g galvanized steel with an Akzo Nobel brand paint system called.Trinar®.   The Trinar® Cool Chemistry coating has a 35-year warranty and is Energy Star approved.


– Why should a homeowner consider metal roofing?

Metal roofing has many advantages.  For example, metal roofs have a lower life cycle cost than most traditional roofing materials and can withstand severe weather.  Metal roofs are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, decay, and pest resistant.  It’s also available in many colors to fit virtually any home.  In the long term, a metal roof can be a more economically sound choice as it may be the last roof you may have to purchase.


– Will metal roofing help with my rising energy costs?

            Yes.  Due to use of ENERGY STAR efficient paints and coatings, metal roofing saves the most energy as a result of high solar reflectance and superior ability to cool quickly at night.  Tile-shaped roofing such as PermaTile also creates an air space between the metal and the roof decking which works to add insulation to the home.  Metal roofs can save up to 30% off heating and cooling cost from traditional asphalt shingles.


– How does PermaTile Roofing hold up during extreme weather?

          PermaTile is very tough and durable.  Whether it’s hail, snow, severe winds, or even fire, metal roofing protects homeowners from whatever Mother Nature can throw their way.  In cases of excessive wind, PermaTile has been shown to withstand up to 150 mph winds when installed properly.  PermaTile is also approved for use in the HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) areas such as Miami-Dade counties with proper installation.


– Is PermaTile noisy when it rains?

            This is probably the most asked question of a metal roof.  The answer is no.  When one thinks of a metal roof you often think of an open area where the metal roof is exposed from the interior of the building. (Barns or commercial buildings for example)  When metal roofing is used for residential buildings, the attic space and the insulation acts as a sound barrier between the living area and the roof.


– Will a metal roof attract lightning?

            No, if anything it will help disburse lightning. If a roof is struck by lightning, it is much safer than traditional roofing.  In addition, metal roofing will not burn or catch on fire simply because it is metal.


-Does PermaTile have a product warranty?

          Yes.  There is a 35-year warranty on the paint system that covers cracking, peeling, and fading.   The warranty does not cover mishandling or problems caused by faulty installations. (see actual warranty page for details)      


-What width and length are the metal tile panels?

          The PermaTile panels have coverage of 28” wide and are cut to custom lengths based on your requirements.   The maximum length is 35’ linear feet long.   Generally, the lengths should be 30’ linear feet or less for ease of installation and handling. 


-What size are the tile steps?

          The standard tile size is 14″.  PermaTile also has the unique ability to change the length of the tile steps.  Step sizes between 12” and 14” can be manufactured to accommodate the look the customer wants and what size will perform best on their particular installation.  Generally, the lower the roof pitch, the longer you want the step distance.


-How is PermaTile ordered?

The first step to ordering panels needed for an installation is to have a computerized roof takeoff done on the roof.  Measurements, that you supply, are input into a program that lays out the panels and estimates trim needed.  (see How To Measure page)   From that program, a cut list is made.


-How does the installer know where to put each panel?

          With each job, you will receive a layout pattern of your particular roof showing the placement of each panel.  Every roof face will have its own letter designation.  That letter plus the number of tile steps and end cut size will be shown on the layout sheet.  Each panel in the crate has that information written on it for ease of placement.       


-Do the tops of the panels come cut with the angles cut for hip roofs?

           No.  All PermaTile Panels have a straight cut at the top and bottom of panels.  The angled cuts have to be made in the field.  They are however progressively shorter or longer depending on what length is needed for that particular area.

 -Does PermaTile Roofing install Roofing?
No.  We are strictly a manufacturer of the product and do not own any interest in any installation company.  Recommendations for installers are available upon request.  Installation warranties are available only from the installation company not PermaTile Roofing.






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